Who I Am

I've spent a decade learning how to navigate the theatre industry as a fat, neurodivergent, queer human. 

Now, I'm on a mission to equip artists and companies with the skills they need to level up their mental health game: no shame, no pontificating, no gatekeeping. 

Just practical skills that help us all do better. 


Sitting on Couch

Tough role? Experiencing burn out? Not sure how to move forward in the work you love? Let's chat. 


Trauma-informed, resilience focused training for artists and educators. 


From content notes to culture policy.  Let's create a culture of care together. 


The work the industry needs. The training you want. Join the 2021 Inaugural Cohort today. 

My Approach

As an artist and mental health professional, I believe in harnessing the power of the authentic connection to make our spaces better. People are wired for connection, empathy, and creativity. Let's leverage it to make our spaces more mental health responsive. 

Bridget is a fantastic teacher who goes above and beyond her duties to ensure the success and well-being of her students!

Angela, Case Manager

Mental Health First Aid